Bradford Findell serves as Associate Director of Mathematics Programs for Teachers in the Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University, where he develops and teaches mathematics courses for teachers, with an eye toward the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  He was a member of the Mathematics Work Team for the Common Core State Standards and is Past President of the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics.

Previously, Brad was the Mathematics Initiatives Administrator at the Ohio Department of Education, providing mathematics education leadership and bringing Ohio’s best work onto the national stage. Before moving to Ohio, he was on the faculty in mathematics education at the University of Georgia, where he became deeply involved in drafting, revising, elaborating, and implementing the Georgia Performance Standards in mathematics.  He has also served as a staff member at the National Research Council, working on various mathematics education projects including Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics, a synthesis of the research literature on the teaching and learning of mathematics in grades K-8.   He has taught mathematics courses and lessons in elementary through graduate school, focusing mostly on high school and undergraduate mathematics and on the preparation and professional development of teachers.


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